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Sprinkler installation services

Richmond Fire offers a nationwide sprinkler installation service, working on any type of project, large or small. As a standalone service, or used in conjunction with our design capabilities, we promise a smooth process and complete compliance with all relevant fire safety standards. We attend client meetings at all stages of the design and installation process, provide weekly progress reports, offer internal project reviews and a personal team co-ordinator to give you a consistent point of contact, and to make sure you always know exactly how your project is moving forward.

Commercial sprinkler systems and much more…

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We work on all kinds of projects across a wide range of sectors; from commercial sprinkler systems to educational facilities, all of our products and services meet essential compliance standards, including BSEN12845, LPCB, FM and NFPA. We provide installation and project support to include:

  • Waste management facilities
  • Schools sprinkler systems
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Retail units
  • Residential sprinkler systems
  • Racking

You can learn more about these by visiting our sprinkler system design page.

A few commonly quoted sprinkler facts…

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There are over 40 million sprinklers fitted world-wide each year.
Systems over 100 years old are still in use today.
Losses from fires in buildings protected with sprinklers are estimated to be only one tenth of those in unprotected buildings.
In buildings fully protected by sprinklers:

  • 99% of fires were controlled by sprinklers alone
  • 60% of fires were controlled by the spray from no more than 4 sprinklers

Source; European statistics over 10 year period

Records show that the chance of accidental discharge from a sprinkler is in the region of 16 million to one.
Accidental discharge of water due to manufacturing defects is 1 in 14,000,000 (per year of service). Source: FM (USA) and LPC (UK) statistics.